Let's Get Sociable

SEO used to be about links, tons and tons of links.....Then the search engines decided its not about quantity, its about the quality of the links.  Are your web friends also committed to SEO best practices? If so, your website was rewarded with better rankings.  Then came the birth of social media.  Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and a host of other well known web spaces available for people to share.  Share messages, recipes, news and information.  Social Media stirred up the masses.  The search engines also took notice. They noticed that people were truly engaged in sharing.  Communities were forming and the information coming from these villages was unique and ingenious.  It was content not written for rankings, it was meant to be shared.  The search engines liked this approach and now watch to see who likes to share their stuff in the social media space.  So, join the masses and get some luv from the search engines.  Don't know where to start?  We do......Let's Talk!